Be the force where nostalgia nor dreams will never be a wishful yearning. With 60 years of remarkable history, Nam Heong Ipoh emerged to be the top among its peers by preserving the nostalgic tastes of Ipoh’s heritage dishes while delivering top notch service.

AND NOW, you can be a part of the most iconic local F&B brands to deliver more enthralling gastronomic experiences! We have schemes that will allow you to co-own or fully own existing or new outlets.

License Model

The recipe to our global expansion credits back to our persistence to stay true to our roots of origins – Ipoh, Malaysia. We are proud to share the rich heritage of Ipoh to the world by serving only the best authentic flavours in an ambiance that provides the comfort of a home.

We place great emphasis on delivering the best dining experience to our customers. All these are made possible through relentless efforts of ensuring the quality and taste of food, right to our service level are on par at all times. We are also constantly building good rapport with our vendors and customers alike as each and every person plays a pivotal role which puts us at where we are today.

Why Nam Heong Ipoh?

We have the recipe for success because:

  1. A heritage brand with 60 years of operational experience since 1958
  2. Solid foundation with teams of pundits and connoisseurs who have years of experience growing F&B chains in Malaysia
  3. Excellent with coming up with cost effective design, construction, and outfitting
  4. Systematic Standard Operating Procedures in place with detailed directives and guidelines from headquarter to standardize
  5. Comprehensive Human Resources training programs coupled with workshops for management and staff
  6. Extensive product research and development, market research, and on-going study for future planning and analysis
  7. Tactical marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.
  8. Constant food quality assurance through stringent monitoring of food and service standards

License Support & Returns

Pre Opening

Site Selection

  • Assist in finding a potential site through feasibility studies including site research, competitors study, and store analysis.

Design, Construction and Outfitting

  • To create the unique visual identity of Nam Heong Ipoh
  • Maximizing the nostalgia to highlight the brand prominently
  • Comprehensive equipment and kitchen utensil sourcing comparison



Day-to-day operations for management and staff including floor staff, service crew.

Food Preparation:

Food hygiene, food safety, standard procedure, and presentation.

Customer service:

Greeting, attending, service delivery, customer management

Administration and Accounts:

Day-to-day checklist, opening and closing of accounts, cash handling policy, accounts documentation handling.

Logistic and Ordering:

Stock ordering, purchasing, stock take and inventory management


Cash flow planning, profit and loss forecast, sales forecast, budget planning


Advertising and promotion to increase effective of brand image, business performance, segment market, customer acquisition and retention, post marketing analysis.


Business Support: License support and operations start team to advice and support

Operations: On-going training and audit to maintain customer service standard

R&D: Continuous improvement and menu development for seasonal product and product variety.



Step 1: Complete the Application Form

Please fill up the Application Form to register your interest. Please list down a list of questions concerning the Nam Heong Ipoh License Model so that our representative can effectively get back to you.

Step 2: Business Model Orientation Meet Up

After reviewing your application, if you meet our preliminary financial and business qualifications, our representative will get in touch with you and we will be sharing you our detailed business model including what, why and how of how to becoming a Nam Heong Ipoh’s Licensee.

Step 3: Site Feasibility Study

We will assist the Licensee in evaluating a site based on our feasibility review format, with regards of proposed site from Licensee or Licensor. All site are subject to the approval of the Company. This is a guarantee step to ensure the high success of a new business venture.

Step 4: License Approval/ Letter of Acceptance.

If we have agreed that a License relationship and you have decided to pursue the License, we will notify you with the Commitment Letter within ten days of our meeting. You are required to pay the License fee upon signing and return the Commitment Letter and Letter of Acceptance.

Step 5: Pre Opening Preparations and Operations Training

The Company will work out a pre-opening preparation including operations training schedule and planning, compulsory at least 3 months prior to the opening date.

Step 6: Signing of License Agreement and Opening of Outlet

Upon the opening of outlet, you are required to sign and return the complete License Agreement with all informations and terms are clearly stated to ensure the business relationship and business model are well sustained throughout the License term.

**Application Form Attached for Download

Nam Heong Ipoh License Application Form